Chuck Hughes Touring To Promote New Cookbook

Nothing’s going to stop celebrity chef Chuck Hughes- not even a heart attack scare.

Owner of two Montreal restaurants- Garde Manger and Le Bremner- Hughes was hospitalized while promoting his new cookbook, “Chuck’s Day Off,” last month after experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. The 36-year-old was later diagnosed with labyrinthitis, reports The Canadian Press.

“The only thing it’s affecting majorly is my hockey career. The no balance has really been probably one of the worst things,” Hughes said during a recent visit to Toronto. “Everything else I’m kind of like, ‘OK, I can deal with it,’ but then the hockey I tried to play and it was literally like I was learning from scratch. Mentally it was kind of tough. But I’m back.”
Hughes has several shows on The Food Network Canada and competed in “Iron Chef America” against Bobby Flay, winning with his signature lobster poutine dish.
Hughes’ new book is available through HarperCollins.

Photo: Chuck Hughes/Dominique Lafond 2012


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