Watch a Preview Scene From The Season Finale of ‘Better Call Saul’

There’s trouble ahead for both Jimmy and Mike on the second season finale of Better Call Saul! While the twin stories of Better Call Saul may not connect next Monday, the two protagonists of the series are facing some hard choices.

First some background on Jimmy’s predicament: two episodes ago, Jimmy took advantage of his brother, Chuck, and sabotaged Chuck’s paperwork for an important new client in the hopes that the client would leave Chuck’s firm and go back to Kim Wexler’s new startup firm, because Jimmy loves her. And that’s how Jimmy expresses his love.

Chuck eventually figured out what Jimmy had done, but he had a very nasty public meltdown, which left him in dire shape.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted a new Better Call Saul preview scene that reveals that Chuck survived. But now Jimmy faces pressure to have his brother committed by Clea DuVall’s Dr. Cruz, who previously appeared in the first season. At the time, Jimmy wasn’t at odds with his brother. But now, all bets are off.

AMC has also posted a preview scene that focuses on Mike’s half of the story. In an attempt to get payback on Hector Salamanca, Mike’s truck heist inadvertently led to the death of an innocent person. For this scene, Mike is reunited with Jim Beaver’s Lawson as he tries out a sniper rifle. And it looks like Mike’s days of half-measures are done.

Better Call Saul wraps up its stellar second season on Monday, April 18 on AMC.

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Photo Credit: AMC