7 Funny Videos By Mister Epic Mann


Do you wanna get physical… physical… with your comedy? Then Mister Epic Mann is the body-thrashing, gibbering-spouting YouTube comedian after your heart, and judging by his immense popularity, he might even already have a few of your views! Here are 7 funny videos by Mister Epic Mann:


How Do Animals Eat Their Food?

As you may have guessed, good table manners are of the upmost importance.


Seven Ways To Discipline Your Child

I’ll be more of a #3 style dad.


Patience Test

His GPA is riding on this test.


20 Dances To Try At Home

With Miguel’s help, you’ll ruin your prom in no time!


Unconventional Prank Calls

Are you saying you don’t have any “Blawwwww?”


Interpretive Rapping

Will this usher in hip-hop’s “free jazz” period? Almost certainly.


Patience Test: Part 2

I was feeling nostalgic for college. This video cured that!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!