10 Funny VHS Board Game Videos

We didn’t know it back in the 80s, but VHS board games – with their complex rules and excessive game pieces – were destined to become the most popular type of home entertainment ever. Oh, that didn’t happen in any way shape or form? Well, at least we can look back on these cheesy games and laugh without having to locate/repair a VCR. Here are 10 hilarious VHS board game videos: 


Wayne’s World



Star Trek TNG: A Klingon Challenge

Oh man, of all the times to fall asleep after pretending to have sex in the holodeck.



You know what more games need? More close-ups of people’s disembodied heads.



Mmm… circus wine…


Isaac Asimov’s Robots

Why can’t there ever be just the right amount of robots?


Hi-Ho! Cherry-O

Dusty donkey sounds like he’s having a hard time taking a shit.



This family wants power… all the power…


Rap Rat

Yes, but is the TV on?


Party Mania

Agreed: chore cards are the most bogus thing ever!



Imagination is all you need, along with a bunch of boards, plastic pieces and a VCR.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Header via.