Nintendo Nostalgic: ‘NBA Jam’ Remains Basketball’s Most Outrageous Video Game

Photo: MobyGames

When it comes to sports, we like our basketballs on fire, long-range threes to drop when we’re heating up and the players to violently shove each other to the ground in order to get a steal. Since we’re not getting that in real life (OK, maybe the latter), we love our Nintendo sports games to handle it. And there is none better at it than NBA Jam.

Because sometimes you need to see unlikely feats like full-court shots at the buzzer, an impossible feat for the arms of most any human being, to remind you that we could always go a little higher than usual;. And if there’s one thing that we like, it’s video games when we’re higher than usual.

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In this Nintendo Nostalgic, we look back on the greatest arcade basketball game ever made, the one that made the words “He’s on fire!” a household phrase instead of the just that time your father shot your brother with a Roman candle on the Fourth.

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