A basketball lies on the dusty hardwood court of a college hoops arena during a break in the action.

This Is The Dirtiest Play You’ll Ever See On A Basketball Court

Photo: Tar_Heel_Rob (Getty)

Odds are you missed the the Kansas Division 1A state high school basketball semifinal game between Hanover and Centralia over the weekend because you were doing something more constructive with your time, but that means you missed what could go down as one of the dirtiest plays to ever take place on a basketball court.

Hanover’s Thomas Atkins was about to throw down a monster dunk, but Centralia’s Nathan Rempe was having none of it. Watch as Rempe used both hands to shove Atkins in the back, sending him flying into the padded stanchion holding up the basket.

Whoa, it’s only a game, Focker!

Good thing they weren’t playing in a field house with an indoor track and field event going on or else Rempe might have decided to pick up a javelin and stab him with it. I mean, that was by far the most savage thing I have ever seen done to a defenseless player on the hardwood, and the dude wasn’t even ejected from the game.

Luckily for Atkins, he wasn’t seriously injured and even said that both he and Rempe shook hands afterward to the point that “all is well” between them. Plus, the big “fuck you, bro” moment came in the form of Atkins somehow still finding a way to dunk the ball despite the cheapest of cheap shots.