This May Be The Worst Fight In Hockey You’ll Ever See

Screenshot: YouTube

Hey, did you happen to catch the Dallas Stars versus Arizona Coyotes recently? Of course you didn’t, because not a lot of people watch hockey. And since you probably didn’t catch the game, you probably missed what is being called the “worst fight in hockey history.”

The fight occurred when the Stars’ Antoine Roussel pushed Luke Schenn of the Arizona Coyotes. Now I’ve never heard of these dudes, but I don’t need to know their life story to know that they are both terrible at fighting. The only thing I need to do is check out the video below, and that’s something you need to do, too, so you can see this terrible performance.

This May Be The Worst Fight In Hockey You’ll Ever See

Well that was sad. Even the Stars’ play-by-play announcer mocked what he was seeing. This pretty much resembled what it would look like if I ever got into a fight. But hey, that’s why I don’t get into fights — I just get into verbal showdowns from the safety of my bedroom.

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