Concert Fight
Group of men fighting in sports bar

This Is The Funniest Concert Fight Breakdown You Will Ever See

Photo: South_agency (Getty Images)

A hysterical dude named Seth Toedter recently attended a “typical music concert” and was asked by the concert organizers to use his drone to film not only the acts on stage but also all of the concertgoers who were having the times of their lives.

Of course for some concertgoers, that means waiting until the band takes the stage before beating somebody’s ass. Now to be fair, there was a “strong breeze and some vape smoke,” and everybody and their moms know what that means. Yup, it’s a “recipe for disaster.”

Watch as Toedter captures seven or eight bros throw up their dukes and then throw down while the band plays on. He then uses the latest “computer technology” to break down everyone from the security guard who quickly realizes that this shit was “above his pay grade” to the “Zen master” who refuses to get up from his seat for anything short of the apocalypse.

I mean, there you have it. Outside of not breaking down the two attractive blondes on the other side of the concert and providing me with their names and phone numbers, I’d say that it’s impossible to break down a concert fight any better than that.