Louisville Student Hits Half-Court Shot Worth $38K, Won’t Get It Because He Played High School Basketball

Ain’t that some shit?

According to WAVE 3 News, a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of Louisville won’t be collecting a dime of the $38,000-prize he won for hitting a layup, free throw, three-point shot and then a half-court shot in less than 30 seconds because he…wait for it…played high school basketball.

I mean, what’s next, not winning a prize because you have a pulse?

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Jackson Logsdon was obviously “bummed” about the ridiculous technicality that kept some serious coin out of his pockets. He said he played three years of basketball in high school and “mostly came off the bench his senior year,” but the powers that be didn’t give a shit. Despite the fact that he pulled off that remarkable feat during halftime of Thursday’s Louisville women’s game, they refused to give him a cent because of “a clause stating contest participants could not have played high school basketball within the last six years.”

From the Louisville Courier-Journal:

U of L athletics spokesman Ira Green confirmed the details in an email Friday, writing, “The contest was administered by Million Dollar Media, and unfortunately, the student didn’t meet a couple of the stipulations, which are very specific. However, we are excited for him and are working on some items, so he doesn’t go away empty handed.”

Oh, that’s great. Here are a few Louisville pennants and pencils for your effort.

Odds are Logsdon could come up with a few good places for the administration to shove those things, unless of course they can fetch somewhere around $38,000 on eBay or something.

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