Broken Controllers: The 11 Hardest Nintendo Games That Made Us Rage Quit

Photo: gbrundin (Getty Images)

Kids today have it easy for the most part. Almost every video game that’s come out over the last decade or so has come with infinite lives, checkpoints, continues, or more. Today it’s “Have you beaten this game yet?” when it used to be “How far have you gotten?”

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Back in the ’80s and ’90s when you fired up the NES or SNES, “Game Over” meant game over. No matter how long you played, how far you got, once you were out of lives, that was it. Spent all morning and afternoon on Super Mario Bros 3 to get all the way to world eight? Better have plenty of lives, because if you run out, your day was all for nothing.

For those who grew up in that era, it would sometimes lead to a controller being thrown at something, usually a wall, inevitably breaking it. Cue tears. Parents would come to check on things and you would try to explain, except instead of sympathy you hear the dreaded words “it’s just a game.” Below is a list of games that caused this spontaneous and destructive rage. Are there any games you would add to this list?

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