Marvel Goes All-In With Day-and-Date Digital Comics

They tested it out with Avenging Spider-Man, tested it further with Avengers vs. X-Men, and now, Marvel’s ready to go all-in with day-and-date digital comics. Starting in June, all of Marvel’s new $3.99 comics will also include codes to redeem for digital copies of the physical issues at Marvel’s new Digital Comics Shop.

The new digital storefront was announced today, and it syncs up handily with whatever Marvel Comics App format you run, be it iPhone, iPad or Android. They’ve already got every comic book they publish, Marvel and Ultimate, available there on the day they come out in stores, and the code thing is just an added bonus to reel us hard-core ‘want the book in our hands’ types who also like to have ther comics handily organized and easily accessed a few months down the line when you’ve forgotten where you’ve put that hard copy.

You can also see the first Marvel Infinite Comic available in that there shop for only 99 cents, tying right in with AvX. If you want a preview, here’s Mark Waid demonstrating exactly what that new format is all about.



This is the future, folks. Let’s get after it, shall we?


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