The 3 Most Unintentionally Funny Infomercials


Infomercials are some of the most unintentionally funny segments on TV today. In this edition of Quirky Infomercials, we review the Tiddy Bear, a toilet pastime, and the preferred way to relieve yourself on the golf course.

Tiddy Bear

Have tight seatbelt shoulder straps? Want to see scantily clad women snuggling the sexually suggestive titled "tiddy bear" against their chests? This is your commercial.

Potty Putter

This commercial is wrong on so many levels. Note the commercials subtle suggestion this contraption could improve your game on actual miniature golf courses!  Plus, this toilet golf game must break records for most germ infested equipment. Do you really want to share the potty putter with your entire household? Note to Potty Putter: do not refer to "playing with your putter" and visits to the toilet in the same sentence!


The Uroclub is a secretion device disguised as a golf club to help you relieve yourself on the golf course. Besides its strikingly lack of attention to hygiene, why is a female voice behind the infomercial? As if draping a towel over your private parts with the Uroclub in open air is less obvious than a trip to the woods. Stick to the woods!