8 Very 80s Christmas Specials

The phrase “special” on television used to mean one of two things: a character I liked was going to get mixed up in drugs, or a character I liked was going to get mixed up in Christmas. I much preferred the latter, and the 80s was a magical time for pumping out TV Christmas specials. Here are a few, courtesy of YouTube Santa, to make you nostalgic for Christmas Past.


Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

I want Clocky for Christmas. Make it happen, Jambi!


He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Skeletor gets so lonely this time of year.


Yes, Punky, There Is A Santa Claus

Will Punky Brewster find her mom? Who needs a mom when you have Police Academy’s George Gaynes?


A Claymation Christmas Celebration

If I saw a bunch of singing raisins waiting for a bus, I’d be pretty freaked out.


Christmas Comes To Pacland

Ghosts hate families.


The Glo Friends Save Christmas

Who hasn’t saved Christmas at this point?


The Smurfs Christmas Special

I guess there must be a Messiah Smurf.


ALF’s Special Christmas

These are the emotional moments from ALF’s Christmas special. Spoiler Alert: ALF learns an important lesson.


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