The Beer Doctor – Firemans Brew

If your tastes in beer run from Bud to Bud light, then you may want to broaden your horizons. To the casual or non beer drinker, the term “great beer” may seem to be an oxymoron. The Beer Doctor has encountered many great beers over the course of his studies (in Beerology) and he hopes to share his knowledge with you. After a several year long global beer sabbatical, the doctor has returned with all new beers to share with the world.

One of these great beers is Firemans Brew, Brewnette Dark.

Firemans Brew is a hand crafted microbrewery started by (you guessed it), two Southern California firefighters. The current slate of beers includes a “Blond Beer”, a “Brewnette Beer” (spelled Brunette on their website) and a “Redhead Ale”.Additionally the firefighters give back to their comrades by donating to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

We tried the Brewnette Beer, which is a German Double Bock (or Doppelbock if you are in the Fatherland), which is a strong lager with a malty taste with chocolate notes. The Brewnette is creamy and very smooth, but not too sweet. This beer also has the highest alcohol content by volume out of the three Firemans Bree beers.

The Firemans Brew is sold in both six packs and cases and the former retails for about $10. The alcohol content in the beers ranges from 5.0% (in the Blond), 5.5% in the Redhead and an impressive 8.0% in the Brunette.

This is a good beer to reward yourself with after a hard day of sweltering, back breaking and life saving work. Now if your idea of hard work watching Rescue Me on the couch for three hours, then that is your business.

Check back for another recommendation from The Beer Doctor.


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