8 Very Elaborate Pixar Halloween Costumes

Disney’s Pixar has given us fantastic movie after fantastic movie, and yes, I choose to conveniently “drive past” the Cars series in my mind. So I’m glad many super-fans decide to pay tribute to John Lassetter-land every Halloween. Here’s a gallery of highly sophisticated Pixar costumes: 


Luxo Jr.

The absolute perfect way to start this list.


Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in homemade costumes. And that friend is me! [via]


A Bug’s Life

Try as he might, Hopper will never get those costumes. [via]


Monsters Inc.

Mike’s in there. He’s just being blocked by Sulley’s paw. [via]


Finding Nemo

I found Nemo’s gigantic balls. [via]


The Incredibles

Violet will be highly visible at any comic book convention. [via]



If you knew how many hours it took to put this together, you’d start crying. [via]



I hope they talked in sound effects the entire night. Commitment is key. [via]


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