Games That Shaped My Life, Pt. 2

Video games have existed every day that I have existed on this planet.  With almost 33 years in the bank, I have gone through a lot of hardware and even more software.  Here’s my breakdown of the games that defined me on each individual console that I owned or played.  

Also, note that there is an obvious absence of Sega and Sony consoles.  During the heyday of the Genesis and the PlayStation I was busy playing other systems.  Instead of the Genesis I was either playing on my computer or on my SNES.  Instead of the PlayStation 1 or 2, I was either playing my Dreamcast, my PC, GameCube, or Xbox.  I do not regret these decisions because had I stuck with the mainstream I might have missed out on some life-shaping experiences.

In Part 1, I left you with the first set of games that left an impression on my youth.  From my first arcade experience, Gauntlet to my first Nintendo experience, there were a ton of great games that I enjoyed in the ‘80s.  Now I’ll be picking up with a gaming experience a bit removed from a joystick.


Car Wars (Tabletop)


Mario Kart (SNES)


Goldeneye 007 (N64)


Grandia II (Dreamcast)


Wolfenstein/RTCW (PC)


Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)



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