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Mandatory Yearbook: The Worst (And Funniest) Photos You’ll See of Awkward High Schoolers

Adolescence is awkward enough without the need to document it through a camera lens. Alas, the annual yearbook photo is a necessary evil among students of all ages, though it doesn’t become quite as loathsome until you reach high school.

Though high schoolers can inundate the internet with flattering images of themselves thanks to Instagram and filter apps, there’s still no escaping the dreaded yearbook photo. Yes, they’re still a thing at secondary schools throughout the country (if not all over the globe). Acne, braces, and bad hair are all still a thing, too. (Unfortunately. We wish we could say “it gets better” as you get older, but…)

No matter how much time passes, or how advanced technology becomes, there are still plenty of teens who show up with full awkwardness on display for picture day. Perhaps you were one of those embarrassing dorks back in your day. Perhaps you know one now. (Hopefully not your own kid. Yikes.) Regardless, we can all agree that yearbooks provide plenty of giggles, no matter when the pictures were taken.

That’s why we did the digging for you and gathered together the worst (read: funniest) yearbook photos of high schoolers for your amusement. While we don’t know who these poor souls are, we thank them for the laughs and hope they had their glow-ups not too long after graduation. Here’s to high school awkwardness!


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