LOS ANGELES - 1996 actor Will Smith poses for a portrait in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

Ranked! 10 Celebrities We’d Like to See Used as Anchors For Jeff Bezos’ Megayacht

We’re not haters. Really, we’re not. We like wealthy, famous people as much as anyone else. Without them, many of Mandatory’s stories would be, well, nonexistent. But c’mon, let’s face it, some celebrities truly deserve to get deep-sixed in the ocean.

Since we don’t believe in waste, we might as well put their soon-to-be waterlogged corpses to good use. And what better possible use could there be for a dead celebrity than an anchor on “Y271,” Jeff Bezos’s megayacht?

Anchors aweigh!

Cover Photo: Harry Langdon / Contributor (Getty Images)