Meanwhile in Africa: Live Mermaid Washes Ashore (Is It Just Us or Is There Something Fishy about This Video?)

We all know that mermaids are imaginary, right? They belong to the domain of Disney movies and Tom Hanks flicks. But a viral video circulating around the interwebs has people wondering whether or not the half-human, half-sea-creature really exists. It’s unclear exactly where, but according to the video, a live mermaid washed ashore on a beach in Africa. It’s also unknown when the footage was filmed and who was behind the camera. Still, the scene looks almost plausible.

In the clip, a group of people are standing around what appears to be a living and breathing mermaid. She has the upper body of a girl but the lower half of a fish. Her arms are outstretched, her lower fins are flapping, and her chest heaves with breath. All the onlookers can do is stare, bewildered.

Why they didn’t throw her back in the water, we don’t know. Seems like the humane thing to do, right? And also a good way to test if someone was just pulling a prank on them or practicing a performance art piece.

Alas, there’s just not enough information available to know how she got there or what happened to her after the camera stopped rolling. What we do know is that both Kenya and South Africa – the countries that were initially identified as having been the scene of this strange sight – claimed the footage was fake and told residents no mermaid had washed ashore.

Some say the vid is just the result of a trickster who knows a little CGI. Others suggested a fish may have tried to eat a little girl and this was the result. Still, there are plenty of people on the internet who really want to believe something as magical as a mermaid could happen. (Poor saps.)

Cover Photo: YouTube