easter bunny
A middle aged man dressed up as a Deranged Easter Bunny with a pink shirt, boa, Bunny ears and buck teeth, offering a small Easter Basket with colored eggs, against a blue background

The Funniest Photos of Easter Bunny Scaring Children Make You Wonder Why He Exists

Most people think of the Easter Bunny as this cute and loving bunny that children will automatically love. Maybe it wasn’t apparent to you at the time, but if you’re an aging millennial or Gen X then you automatically know just how terrifying and creepy the Easter Bunny looked. And yet our sick boomer parents forced us to sit on some struggling actor’s lap while they delighted in our fear with a photo.

If only the girl could see what we see. This bunny should be on a list somewhere.

This bunny looks like he should be chasing a bunch of teenagers in a slasher film. Yikes!

Why just freak out the kids when you can terrify a whole family. We’re really not sure why the mother can just sit there next to this abomination that’s terrifying the hell out of her kids. Hopefully, someone called DYFS.

Holy Easter Bunny Hell! Not only did someone think it was a good idea to make that costume, but to then be around young children with it on. The kid is not vibing at all.

Again, do any of these hired holiday workers really give much thought to their costumes. Do they just put them on, look in the mirror, and think to themselves: “Small children will love this!”

It’s like the designer decided to combine a James Bond villain with a bunny and out came this monstrosity. The baby looks like he’s about to smack a restraining order on this easter nightmare.

The young girl on the left looks like she’s in a hostage-taking video whereas her little brother is just trying not to be devoured by this unholy beast of a bunny.

And here we see this deranged bunny about to sacrifice this small girl to Eostre, the Easter god of fertility.

As if this easter bunny is not terrifying enough on his own, he decided to include some dollar tree-looking stuffed fish, too? The kid is clearly experiencing paralysis and too shocked to even cry. This psychotic rabbit makes John Wayne Gacy look like Gumby. Why would anyone think this was ok?

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Other Images: Imagur 


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