‘Penis Plant’ Blooms For First Time in 25 Years, And You Won’t Believe How Big It Is (Definitely a Grower)

Talk about a grower, not a shower. A phallic-shaped piece of foliage aptly called “the penis plant” has bloomed in The Netherlands. The rare variety officially known as amorphophallus decus-silvae measures 6 ½ feet in length and emits a strong, distinct stench.

Native to the Indonesian island of Java, the plant is very hard to grow – one hasn’t bloomed in 25 years, and this is only the third time in history that one has bloomed in Europe. But back in 2015, a Dutch gardener planted one at Leiden Hortus Botanicus, and after six years, the botanical endeavor has finally, well, reached its climax.

“At long last!” the botanical garden announced on its Instagram page. “Our Penisplant, Amorphophallus decus-silvae, has opened up fully and is blooming. Its scent is also present Come check it out!”

The botanical wonder does indeed attract visitors from near and far, though some might be turned off by its scent. What does it smell like? Oh, just rotting flesh. Somehow, that seems perfectly fitting for a penis plant.

Cover Photo: Instagram



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