Interspecies Dating: Video of Dog Kissing Koi Fish in Pond Sparks Question of How They Get Their Consent

Love is love, as they say, and apparently, this truism applies to every creature in the animal kingdom, not just humans. We offer up for example a dog named Bailey. This adorable 8-month-old Boxer from Holland apparently fell head over heels (err…paws) for a fish in a koi pond in the Netherlands.

In a now-viral video, the canine can be seen peeking into the pond, and planting a wet one on the massive fish. It wasn’t an innocent kiss either, but rather looks like it had a little bite to it. Still, it’s sweet enough to make any animal-lover go “aww…” – and, apparently, make the other fish jealous, as they all flock to Bailey for their chance at a smooch.

This begs the question, however: how do animals get and give consent? We hope Bailey didn’t violate any #metoo rules. Here’s to interspecies romance – the mutually consensual kind.

Cover Photo: New York Post



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