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Pride Playbook: 10 Hilariously Clever Ways LGBTQ People Have Come Out

Coming out is one of the hardest things LGBTQ people have to do. But just because saying the words “I’m gay” (or “I’m a lesbian” or “I’m bi” or “I’m trans,” etc.) puts a lump in their throats doesn’t mean they have to silence themselves or hide who they are. There are plenty of fun, creative, and unconventional ways to come out, from cakes to cards to viral videos. We’ve surfed the ‘net to find some of the most amusing methods LGBTQ people have used to make their big announcement, and we’re happy to say they were met with overwhelming support and love.

In celebration of Pride month, these are 10 hilariously clever ways LGBTQ people have come out.

Cover Photo: Tumblr


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