Meanwhile in Bhutan: Homeowners Keep Bad Vibes Away With Dick Art

You probably don’t know much about Bhutan, that tiny South Asian country located between China and India near the Himalayas, but after reading this article, you’ll remember one very prominent thing about it. That thing is: dick.

Yes, you read that right. See, cocks are considered good luck in that country, and therefore, residents display them everywhere, from wooden ones on the roofs of their homes to painted ones on their exterior walls to adornments on their front doors. The artsy schlongs tend to be big, ejaculating, and often come accompanied by a pair of hairy balls.

“We believe phalluses dispel evil spirits,” Sonam Dorji, a tour guide and senior reporter with News of Bhutan, told Mel magazine. “Even when we play games like archery and khuru [darts], if a player fails to hit the target for a day, he will hang a phallus from the side of his waist to bring good luck.”

In addition to honoring fertility, the penises keep malicious gossip away, too. There are even entire stores dedicated to all things erection-related in the country.

Check out these creative – and very public – displays of manhood. Maybe they’ll inspire you to redecorate your living space…because who couldn’t use a little good luck (especially in the bedroom) these days?

Cover Photo: Peter Adams (Getty Images)

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