15 Funniest Mother’s Day Cards You Probably Shouldn’t Send (Unless You Want to Be Disowned)

The coronavirus pandemic (and its accompanying social distancing guidelines) will likely get you out of any Mother’s Day brunch or family plans, but it won’t exempt you from sending a card. Your dear ol’ mom painfully pushed you out of one of her orifices and maybe even lent out her boobs to you; sending her a little something from Hallmark really is the least you can do to thank her. That said, your card should strike the right tone. While we’d like to think our moms have the same sense of humor as we do, that isn’t always the case. When it comes to greeting cards, it’s best to tread cautiously. Just because something makes you laugh doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your mother. These are the 15 funniest Mother’s Day cards you probably shouldn’t send (unless you want to be disowned).

Cover Photo: In a Nutshell Press

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