The Mandatory Dictionary of Lost Words That Need to Be Revitalized in the New ’20s

Verbal communication is dying. OK, it’s dead as disco. Our thumbs move more than our mouths and, despite the incoming carpal tunnel, we can barely spell correctly. Now, here we are in an emoji and GIF-filled smackdown where only the strongest memes survive. With that, we offer a healthy solution: bringing back the best of our lost words in an attempt to save our illiterate souls.

Our species has enjoyed insulting one another since the dawn of time, and these wordplay classics may be forgotten, but their sting never dies. Whether these omissions describe you and your questionable behavior or everyone else, from the babblers to the ballbusters, let’s put people back in check by considering the reinsertion of these clever jabs back into your shit-talking arsenal.

Cover Photo: Alessandro Biascioli / EyeEm (Getty) 

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