Red-Haired Rudy Giuliani Loses Temper on TV, Halts Redhead Progress Forever

Rudy Giuliani has looked like a crazy person to us for some time now, but in all fairness, you’d have to be to represent Donald Trump. In the wake of Mueller’s testimony, Giuliani has taken to TV to cover the president’s behind and halt the progress of redhead public relations all at once with his new and blatantly fake hair color, a botch job the likes of which we haven’t seen since hair plugs were invented. In an attempt to look perhaps younger, hipper and more camera-friendly, Giuliani instead looks like an aging, degenerate real-life Joker whose looks now match his crazies. Carrot Top, along with several other public leaders of the redhead community, have remained in hiding until this blows over. Watch the video above to see, but we recommend keeping it muted. Then look below to see some of Giuiani’s Greatest TV Hits.

Cover: Win McNamee  (Getty Images)

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