Hypersonic 90-Minute Jet From NYC To London Goes From 0 To Airsickness In Seconds Flat

A new startup wants to get you from New York to London in 90 minutes flat. Hermeus’ hypersonic jet will travel at breakneck speeds (five times the speed of sound), meaning that the terrified screams you unleash during takeoff won’t reach your ears in London until you’ve already cleared Customs.

The prospect of traveling 3,300 miles per hour through the sky in a fancy tin can is both exciting and frightening. Unfortunately, reaching hypersonic levels of propulsion using current technology is much less fuel-efficient than standard modes of air travel. And with the rise of flight shaming (the Scandinavian anti-flight movement), fuel consumption at existing levels is already under attack. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you’ve got to admit, 90 minutes is ridiculously fast. Here are eight everyday things that will soon take longer than your next trip to the Big Smoke.

Photo: jondpatton (Getty Images)

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