Brandon Boyd Recreates Old-Fashioned Fun That Doesn’t Require Good Wi-Fi

Judging by the title, you might think this is the start of another celebrity sex cult, but fear not, Brandon Boyd is actually shifting humanity in the right direction. And he’s doing so with his new artsy memory game, amongst other things.

The man is a lot of things to a lot of people: artist, activist, jewelry craftsman, nature lover, dog rescuer, world traveler, singer of one of the last remaining ’90s rock bands that hasn’t given in to bad haircuts, and now inventor. But the Incubus frontman isn’t inventing new apps like the rest of you silly Billies, rather he’s recreating good old-fashioned classic fun where the connection you’re making isn’t with Wi-Fi (for once). You can have fun without a cell phone? Who knew?

Deux Porte/Two Doors is a flash card memory game with a facelift injected full of highly sought-after Rorschach-esque watercolor art and matching words, all various entries for the word “door.”

While most people think memory games and sudoku are just ways to keep us from losing our minds down the bend, Boyd believes his portals create a genuine, organic opportunity to get people back to the basics, you know, when we didn’t need cell phones for our every whim. The sheer terror of not having your phone in hand might even dissipate the more you play!


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And for the relentless music pirate in you, don’t worry, the band is hard at work on new music with an expected single to drop before summer, a Make Yourself 20-year anniversary touralong with a new book down the road. That’s right, he even puts a modern spin on being a pirate.

Some might consider Boyd an Optimystic sage magician living multiple lives at once like some kind of forest nymph with no concept of time, but for Brandon Boyd, it’s just another day at the office. What have you done today?


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