Mandatory Music: Incubus to Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Morning View’ With Live Show From Malibu House Where It Was Conceived and Recorded

Exactly 20 years from the day Incubus released their seminal album Morning View the band will return to the Malibu house where they recorded it for a very special, one-time-only performance. The fourth album from then nu-metal stalwarts came out swinging, catapulting the up-and-coming California band to the penultimate spot on the charts and quickly reaching double-platinum certification by the RIAA. Now you can hop a time warp to that very strange and wonderful year called 2001 to see for yourself why this record blew up like a Molotov Sex on the Beach.

After the success of their songs ‘Drive’ and ‘Stellar’ (which was featured in the first Guitar Hero videogame), the band collected their beefed-up major label recording budget and used it to rent a house overlooking the sea on a little street called Morning View Drive. Taking their time to unwind and soak up the vibes of summer, the resulting record produced a chilled-out-by-osmosis soundscape that was a staggering departure from what had come before. With meandering guitars, and reflective, unhampered lyrics, the album captured an escape from the city in favor of a dreamy day at the beach in a slowly unfolding 58 minutes.

If you’re a fan of Incubus or just a lover of new nostalgia and music from the early aughts, don’t miss the live stream happening this Saturday, October 23. Tickets are available through the link below, so go ahead and grab yourself a beach chair, a real spliff, and a metaphorical wave and ride the majesty that is Morning View.

Cover Photo: Lisa Lake (Getty Images)

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