Real-Life Robot Chicken: Boston Restaurant Cooks Up 3-Minute Miracles

Photo: SIE Productions (Getty Images)

How many times have you prepared a meal, wishing you didn’t have to spend all that time in the kitchen only to finish eating it in minutes? You might also wish robots prepared that same meal for you. Well, some guys from MIT have your best interests — and stomach, for that matter — in mind.

Four guys decided to open up their Boston restaurant and separated themselves from all other eateries by making their kitchen completely robotic. The “Spyce Boys,” as they have been dubbed, founded their restaurant with the concept of cyborgs making your food instead of traveling from the future to kill humanity like a bunch of Terminators. Food over funerals? We can get down with that.

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Not only do these robots prepare your food for your lazy, bone-filled bag of flesh, they do it in under 3 minutes. After you’re done eating, they even clean up after you. Now if that’s not superior cybernetic service, we don’t know what is.

The founders, Michael Farid, Brady Knight, Luke Schlueter, and Kale Rogers, came up with the idea while they were attending college and on tight budgets. It sounds like they all had brainstorming sessions like we did when we were in college, smoking all that chron– err, we mean, studying.

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We hope this trend of robotic kitchens continues because the less we can do to eat, the better. There are already autonomous cars, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Uber eats has robots delivering our late night snacks sometime soon. Get on that, scientists!