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Nintendo Nostalgic: John Madden ’92 Is Football’s Hall of Fame Game

Photo: MobyGames

In these cold, lonely months without the NFL, the Madden game series is the go-to for football fans in need of a fix. Plus, like many sports games, it allows you to put right many of the sporting injustices that happened last season — like Tom Brady ambling his way to another Superbowl win or that refereeing call in the Rams-Saints game. Or if you’re a Bears fan, you can just boot up franchise mode and hire a kicker who understands that to convert a field goal, you have to kick between the posts. Endless possibilities!

But when did this legendary gaming series truly take off? That would be 1991, when John Madden Football ‘92 hit the Genesis. This is the first segment in our new series, Nintendo Nostalgic, where we highlight the best games of the ’80s and ’90s. Stay tuned!

Here’s a look at what cemented this as one of the greatest sports game legacies of all time.

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