Alcohol Study: Hockey & Football Fans Are Drunkest

Note: We have no idea if this woman pictured above is drunk. There’s no doubt she’s having a fantastic time. 

I went to Alabama, where tailgating starts four days before the football game, where entire student sections sneak in booze into the stadium. It’s no shocker football fans drink. But it’s interesting to get a little more insight into how much and when.

To “understand the role alcohol plays in the American drinking culture,” the folks over at Detox surveyed over 1,000 people regarding their drinking habits at games. A few notes on their discoveries …

The drunkest fans appear to be those from the NFL and NHL, with hockey fans taking the edge on binge drinking. I guess you have to stay warm up north?

43% of people admit to sneaking alcohol into sporting events because the drinks on sale are too pricey.

Men tend to drink more for their team’s loss while women are likely to drink more for a win

1 in 4 pro-football fans admitted to drinking more when their teams weren’t playing well

Another fun find? If your football team wins, all is good; most of you go home. If your team loses? You drown in your sorrows.

Soccer fans on the other hand? You’re drinking a lot more upon a victory.

Check out more of the study at Detox

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. 

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