It's not as bad as you think...or is it?

10 Immediately Irrational Thoughts You’ll Have Alone in a Doctor’s Office

Photo: cipella (Getty Images)

There is one stereotype about men that is totally true. We hate going to the doctor. Not only does it feel like a huge imposition to carve the appointment into our day, being examined and prodded by a guy we see once a year is not our idea of a good time. Not to mention the notion that something’s wrong with us threatens our vitality. That’s why sitting alone in a doctor’s office leaves no room for rational thinking. In fact, it’s the perfect time to privately freak out and throw our chair at the window. Because every time we enter the Hippocratic domain, our head immediately fills with dread. But luckily we can ease the wait (and loathing) at our next doctor’s appointment with these 10 incredibly irrational thoughts.

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