Volcom Hires 15 To Follow “Irrational Pursuits”

Image courtesy of Volcom. 
Volcom recently asked the world, What do you wish you could do full-time? Nicknamed “the irrational pursuit“, over 10,000 people responded with everything from saving the ocean to surfing, breakdancing, and filmmaking.
What happened next was a big surprise, as the brand chose 15  respondents as new hires who get to make their passion their paycheck. An opportunity of a lifetime, each winner is paired with a Volcom mentor, an expert in their respective field of pursuit, that will help make their dreams a reality. Five of the 15 selected are locals stateside and include Sara Becker of Philadelphia, an artist changing the stigma of mental illness;, Brandon Clements of Houston, a music storyteller and podcaster interviewing his idols; and Robert Wall of Northern California, who’s cliff diving stunts are sure to make your stomach drop. 

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The road not often taken (because it’s not offered) is going to end in Austin on Saturday, September 9th at the new Volcom Garden, where the work of all winners, from near and far, will be showcased. Here’s hoping one of these young guns changes the world, influences the scene, or maybe changes peoples’ perspective with their refreshing take on life.