Wet Weather Remix | Spring Style Must-Haves

As an excellent Klaxons song once said, “It’s not over yet.” What we are referring to, in a less than endearing way, is winter, and the less than graceful transition to spring. The forecast is clear: rain, wind and cooler temps are still in full force, forcing you to re-embrace your winter clothes, especially as we acknowledge spring break is just a one week vacation, if you even get to take one.

The news is not all bad as this time too shall pass, and eventually warmer weather and even summer will present itself. But until that happens, it’s imperative to embrace some cold weather, water-resistant clothes, all while positively remembering that layering makes everything look better.

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As you try to envision yourself sweating through a brightly colored tank top (and enjoying it), check yourself and toss on a new parka, coat or thick crewneck while whispering, “Summer body not needed.” The reality is it doesn’t take much to not only look good, but totally curated, in hooded jacket by Penfield, a cardigan by Pendleton or some weather-ready boots by Sperry or Volcom.

If history tells us anything, it is that winter will in fact be over soon. But for now, we wait.

Spring Style Must-Haves: