Michael Cohen Is the Latest in Hilariously Depressing Courtroom Sketches

Photo: Yana Paskova / Stringer (Getty Images)

Michael Cohen has had a rough year, but nothing nearly as rough as his recent courtroom sketch. And all this just before the disgraced lawyer of President Donald Trump was sentenced to three years for lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the Trump Tower Moscow deal, as well as for his role in paying off women to keep quiet about the president.

Cohen’s courtroom sketch hit the Internet, and it was just the latest in meme-worthy mockery we can all laugh at. The look on Cohen’s hand-drawn face is equal parts depressing and Elmer Fudd. OK, it’s more depressing, but hilariously so.

It may even top the infamous sketches of the Patriots Tom Brady and TV actress-turned-sex cult leader, Allison Mack.

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Courtesy of Jane Rosenberg

The sketch was done by longtime artist Jane Rosenberg, who did a marvelous job of depicting Cohen’s moment of sadness. It also wonderfully illustrates what many of us who’ve been following these scandals have thought about but never said: Just end it already.

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Perhaps Cohen should have reallocated some of that hush money to the sketch artist to keep him looking respectable.