Ranked! Sacha Baron Cohen’s Best Dupes

Sacha Baron Cohen is the ultimate troll; making politicians, celebrities, and everyday bigots look idiotic since 1995. From Da Ali G ShowBrüno, and Borat to Who Is America? and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Cohen’s affinity for celebrity interviews and hidden camera sketches has tricked the upper echelons of society into revealing who they truly are—silly, absurd, almost always awkward. The man has never backed down from a dupe—courage sorely needed in our contemporary climate of bullshit. Even when things are staged or partially staged, Cohen has a way of holding up a mirror, making us feel complicit, and most importantly, making us laugh. We’re just thankful he doesn’t target us. We’ve looked back at the people Cohen has targeted and ranked his best dupes.

Cover Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Game, set, match: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Stunt Got GOP Lawmaker To Drop Trou, Shout N-Word

Case and point: Rudy Giuliani Calls NYPD After Being Pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen, Can Only Take a Joke if it Becomes President

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