Guy Modifies Windshield Washer Fluid To Squirt Juice In His Mouth

Photo: lcswart [Getty Images]

How many times have you been driving, only to get an overwhelming sensation of thirst? Even worse, you have nothing to drink? It’s a far too common scenario, which is why YouTuber Daniel Tillotson probably just crafted the greatest invention in modern history. Okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But there’s no denying the awesomeness of his creation, which converts your windshield wiper fluid into tasty juice, water or frankly whatever beverage you feel like consuming.

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Growing tired of being repeatedly parched while driving and not wanting to deal with the hassle of routinely filling up a bottle, Tillotson decided to flush his wiper fluid reservoir out with boiling water and replaced it with a rather tasty raspberry pomegranate kombucha.

Of course, filling the wiper fluid tank with juice only solved half of the problem. So with the assistance of a suction cup mount, the crafty YouTuber re-routed the washer fluid’s spray nozzle inside the car to provide a refreshing drink any time he turned on his wipers.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t account for accuracy issues…

Innovative as this might be, it’s not the most practical solution nor the healthiest, so we’d highly advise against actually doing this. And if you do, perhaps you should invest in a completely new fluid tank. Otherwise, you’re likely going to end up like Tillotson, who spent the final few minutes of his YouTube video retching up whatever type of toxic hell he just ingested.


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