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Study Suggests We’re All Super More Stupider When A Heat Wave Rolls Through Town

Too hot at home. Photo: DragonImages (Getty)

It was Forrest Gump who said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Of course, the more accurate phrase is, “Stupid is a lot more prevalent when it’s hotter than balls outside.”

A recent study conducted by the nerds at Harvard University suggests we all get dumber during a heat wave. The one one many of us across the country experienced a few weeks ago comes to mind. Harvard scientists studied 44 students living in Boston during a 2016 heat wave. They came to the conclusion that the heat was responsible for the test subjects’ brains working, on average, 13 percent slower than normal.

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Some of you might recall that July 2016 featured one of the worst heat waves in Boston’s history, while apparently others are too dumb to remember it (at no fault of their own). During the 12-day experiment, 22 of the test subjects lived in “brick-based buildings with no air-conditioning.” The remainder were able to cope with the heat inside air-conditioned dorms. Those in non-air-conditioned buildings performed “over 13 percent worse on both math and memory tests than their air-conditioned classmates.” On top of that, students in the buildings without air conditioning had to deal with “indoor heat waves” that were the result of the building’s poor design.

Plus, you know that they all had to deal with that shower where you get out and wonder to yourself why in the hell you even bothered in the first place; you’re already drenched in sweat. No amount of baby powder or corn starch can make up for that.


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