Sometimes You Have To Paddle Board Across The Hudson To Get To A Meeting On Time

Paddle Boarder. Photo: Ben Girardi (Getty)

Scott Holt is apparently funny enough to secure meetings with potential managers. Yet, when he was running late for one such meeting, it was his method of transportation into New York City that could potentially be the funniest thing he’s ever done.

According to NBC New York, Holt is an aspiring comedian living in Jersey City. Being the cut-up he is, he paddle boarded across the Hudson River to his meeting in the Big Apple the morning of June 21st. The reason, of course, was because he was too late to use other public transportation and didn’t want to “splurge” on a ferry ride. In the process, he wound up looking like a man willing to go to great lengths to make sure the love of his life didn’t get away from him in the final scene from a rom-com.

Holt said he almost fell into the water on several occasions because, well, it’s the Hudson. He was thankfully able to make it to the city in about 30 minutes. And with the exception of his shoes, he was able to remain dry in the process. However, neither the police officer nor dude running the water taxi port where he came to shore seemed to be as thrilled about it.

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“Boats’ wakes were coming at me from different angles and the current was quick closer to Manhattan,” Holt said. “The Waterway guy was straight out of a movie, screaming, ‘Are you trying to f–king die out here?’ He was being helpful but cursing me out at the same time.”

Holt added the experience is making people laugh, so that’s a “good thing.” So is still having a pulse and zero skin infections from whatever is floating in the Hudson these days. The dude is lucky his board didn’t disintegrate the instant he put it in the water.