Violent Colorado Winds Turn Empty Porta Potties Into Rockets

Porta Potty. Photo: HMetal (Getty)

We all know mother nature can be cruel. It was just weeks ago when we saw a Wyoming twister sling cows through the air. But she also has a sense of humor as well.

As insane, gusty winds swept through Colorado yesterday, a pair of empty porta potties fell victim to nature’s wrath. Andy by “fell victim,” I mean they were launched into the air like bottle rockets on the 4th Of July.

They’re calling this “Poopnado 2018.”

Here’s a longer version of the video, showing just how many people are simply trying to enjoy a nice family outing at the park … until Poopnado arrives.

As expected, people are having fun with “Poopnado ’18,” some even adding the Dr. Who theme song to the video.

Some added the music from The Wizard Of Oz.

There’s also this realization.

Thank God no one was inside. I’m never using a porta potty in Colorado ever again.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.