Woman Throws Weights And Attempts To Destroy Treadmill At Toronto Gym

Dumbbell weight through glass. Photo: mj0007 (Getty)

I once saw a dude at the gym in college push a kid away from a weight rack and throw his weights on the ground while yelling, “What do you think you’re doing, bitch?” Nobody back then really made that much of a stink about it because we all knew it was just a side effect of his rampant steroid use. It was a great reminder for the rest of us to stay off the juice. A proper gym rat only throws weights when he is doing deadlifts and hotties are walking by.

But what went down over the weekend inside a Toronto gym is, to put it simply, both sad and disturbing.

Women Throws Weights In a Gym Tantrum

According to Vice, a Toronto rapper named Troy Joe was at the Liberty Village GoodLife gym trying to get his swoll on. Another gym goer decided her workout had come to an abrupt end. Instead of snapping people in the ass with a towel in the showers and crushing protein shakes like everybody else, she felt it was time for the gym’s machines, mirrors and windows to partake in this whole “no pain, no gain” game.

And that, kids, is why we can’t have nice shit.

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I’ve heard of a workout kicking somebody’s ass before, but you never really see somebody kicking the workout’s ass. Unfortunately for this young “lady,” she’s probably going to learn the hard way that doing the latter is much less forgiving. She was reportedly arrested and will likely face an array of charges.

Our guess is her gym fees next month will also be a tad higher. Also her weight. But we wouldn’t tell it to her face.