Unhinged Hawaiian Man With Gun Fires At Neighbor During Dispute

Smoking Bullets Falling on Ground. Photo: Yuichiro Chino (Getty)

It’s difficult for this story not to fall into gun control territory, so we’ll do our best to just stick to the facts and leave you to your own opinions.

Things are continuing to get heated in Hawaii, as lava from Kilauea spreads to new territories. But if you think that was a strange transition from Point(blank) A to Point B, just check out the breaking report from CBS News:


Thanks for really digging into the story with that amazing commentary on the serious issue at hand, Nora. Thankfully, they cut the bizarre segue out of the YouTube version. How about we just hit you with the raw footage from 32-year-old victim Ethan Edwards instead so you can actually see the incident in its entirety?

John Hubbard, the 61-year-old man above who should know better than firing a gun next to someone’s head, was arrested on assault charges following the altercation with his neighbor. Edwards and crew, only there to check on lava damage to his own home, were fortunately not harmed. Here’s what he had to say of the incident via his Facebook post:

This was my yesterday. Happy to be alive. Be careful out there folks. This situation is really beginning to take its toll psychologically and the bad weather is contributing to emotional tensions. Folks are breaking down.

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Edwards went on to update his commentary on the video, stating that Hubbard’s behavior was no isolated incident (a.k.a. not just blowing off steam due to the current conditions in Hawaii). Let’s hope this raving lunatic spends the rest of his days behind bars for the general safety of those around him.