ford mustang devoured Kilauea volcano

Insane Video Shows Lava From The Kilauea Volcano Taking Out A Ford Mustang

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody on Hawaii’s Big Island who has been displaced by the Kilauea volcano spewing massive amounts of lava over homes, roads and of course, Ford Mustangs.

According to Jalopnik, lava fountains have been seen shooting as high as 230 feet. There are also at least 10 cracks in the ground allowing even more lava to escape and wreak havoc on residents. While the molten rock is moving slowly, as in “significantly less than 1 MPH” in some cases, objects such as an abandoned Ford Mustang still don’t stand a chance against it.

Our guess is that the insurance company will consider this bad boy a “total loss.”

It’s hard to tell if that’s just a regular waste basket hanging on a pole in front of what used to be a Ford Mustang, or if it’s some kind of R2-D2 mailbox or trash receptacle. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure it also no longer exists.

Maybe it just stopped to take selfies like these smart folks: Gals In Bikini Are Taking Photos With Erupting Volcano As Locals Flee

Of course, if it’s just your everyday trash can, it isn’t that big of a deal. If it really is some kind of R2-D2 contraption, well, then it’s nothing short of a tragedy of biblical proportions.

In all seriousness, though, here’s to hoping the lava flow stops sometime soon and the majority of people can return back to their lives in paradise.


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