Gals In Bikini Are Taking Photos With Erupting Volcano As Locals Flee

Photo: Sutanta Aditya / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Bali is going through a very unfortunate situation right now as a massive erupting volcano called Mount Agung has forced over 100,000 locals to flee and seek safety as the volcano creates chaos all around the island. But since it’s 2017 a lot of people have decided to take photos with the volcano instead of bailing. And if you don’t believe us just take a look at this example:

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That’s right, folks. That’s two gals in bikini striking a pose in front of a volcano that is currently ruining lives in Bali. But don’t worry, there’s more — like this one right here:

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And let’s not forget this one right here:

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And while these photos are being taken, locals have had to evacuate their homes, the airport has been shutdown and people await in fear as the possibility of the volcano completing erupting still looms. But hey, as least these gals have time for photos like these:

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Plenty of bright people out there.

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