Kentucky Man Has No Leads After His Home Was Stolen

Trailer home. Photo: Getty Images

It was just days ago we wrote about a couple who found a stolen safe full of hidden treasure. But how often do you hear of someone’s house being stolen?

A Kentucky man named Roger Pennington says he bought a small building in the woods from someone online last year. He was slowly moving into his desolate slice of paradise, hoping to one day turn it into a legit cabin. But earlier this month when he drove up to his property, he saw nothing. His house was gone. David Copperfield-ed.


Whoever took the building, cut the chain off his fence to trespass.

“There’s tire tracks here, and they went out by the telephone pole over there,” said Pennington.

They left behind a box blade knife.

“I’m just following all the leads that I can in each direction,” said Pennington.

Someone was brazen enough to get a large truck strong enough to pull a small home, drive it onto Pennington’s property, hook it up, and take it without a trace? We say the first red flag was when Pennington said he bought it from “someone online.”

This is like the Catfish version of something on HGTV.

And yet, it could still be worse: Stan Lee’s Stolen Blood Was Allegedly Used To Sign Comics

Pennington had over $1,500 worth of ‘stuff’ inside the building. He’s still not sure if his property was downright stolen, or if it was sold to him illegally and the original owners came to repossess it.

We could make a few Kentucky jokes here, but this could happen anywhere, right? Right.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.