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Man Sues Police After He Watches Them Crush His $350K Ferrari

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A super wealthy businessman named Zahid Khan is ruing to sue the West Midlands Police Department after he recently saw video of his Ferrari 458 Spider supercar, worth about $350,000, being absolutely destroyed.

According to Metro, It all kicked off when the 31-year-old’s car was seized by police after they suspected the Ferrari was stolen. Eventually the car was crushed by police because it did not have valid insurance. The car was also a Category B vehicle – which are officially classed as unroadworthy, meaning the car had to be destroyed. Khan said he felt “physically sick” watching his car bit the dust.

See for yourself:

Well damn.


Mr Khan claims he had legitimately bought the car at auction, via a middleman, and had spent six months sourcing legitimate Ferrari parts which he estimates to be in the region of £250,000 ($350,000). He claims he produced receipts which he gave to police. Mr Khan said: “That car was my pride and joy. It took me six months to rebuild it and I used 114 different parts. It cost me around £248,000. I had bought the car from one of the biggest car auction houses and I sourced the parts from Ferrari and had them fitted in a Ferrari approved garage in Birmingham”

When I saw the video I felt physically sick – as if someone had punched me in the stomach. My four-year-old daughter loves the car and I would often take her out in it just before bedtime to get her off to sleep.

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I just feel for that four-year-old who will have to grow up never being in a supercar again. That’s the biggest tragedy here.

Khan also added:

“They had no right to have my car crushed. My legal team has already sent West Midlands Police a letter informing them that we will be taking action. I can’t believe they have destroyed my car. I love super cars and have owned a number of them and loved this car. I saved to buy this car, and it was sentimental to me and my family. It’s very sad, this money could have gone to a good cause.”

Yes, Khan could have handed some of this money to a charity or three, but he splurged and bought himself a Ferrari. But hey, if you feel bad for him, well then you have more of a heart than I do.


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