Tennessee Woman Arrested For Throwing Sardines At Her Sister Over Broken Phone

Sardines on wax paper. Photo: Westend61 (Getty)

People lose their damn minds over broken cellphones. Hell, I once saw a lady scream at an airport when I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen. It wasn’t even her phone!

According to The Leaf Chronicle, a 19-year-old woman not only lost her mind, but also an entire can of sardines during a phone rage episode. Police said the unnamed woman opened the can of raw fish, dumped them on the floor and then threw them at her sister, striking her in the chest. All this over a broken phone she wanted her sister (younger sister, mind you) to replace.

The act alone seems rather harmless — except to the people working at PETA —  but it’s what happened afterward that will probably require the woman to lawyer up. She then “threw a shoe at her sister, bit her on the head, kicked holes in the walls, tipped over food shelves, and pulled out a box cutter, threatening to ‘slice and dice’ the sister if she didn’t get her a new phone.”

When police arrived on the scene, they instructed the woman to stand in front of their car. Pretty standard request, really. But this woman was having none of it and tried fleeing the scene. She wasn’t very good at it either. Officers quickly caught up to her and placed her under arrest.

This all sounds vaguely familiar (sans breakfast sandwich): Wisconsin Woman Attacks McDonald’s Employees After Receiving Unordered Biscuit

She was charged with aggravated domestic assault, domestic assault, vandalism and evading arrest. Plus, she’s probably not going to get her sister to fork over cash for a new phone after her spazz attack. Hell, she’s the one who wound up causing $300 in damages.