Hapless Houston Man Leaves Car With Valet Who Doesn’t Actually Work For Valet Company

Valet Boy. Photo: Juanmonino (Getty)

My aunt was sleeping with a guy who knew a lot about computers a few years ago. What he wasn’t as well-versed on was the German restaurant he took her to in Milwaukee which didn’t offer valet service. Needless to say, after flipping his keys to the man standing at the entrance, he never saw that car again.

Let’s hope the outcome for this dude in Houston winds up a tad more positive.

According to UPI, Bhoumin Mehta dropped his car with the valet service just outside of the Rice Apartments early Monday morning much like he does each workday. For just ten bucks, Mehta said he simply drops off his vehicle before walking across the street to his job.

Regrettably, when Mehta went back to the valet stand to pick up his car late Monday afternoon, the guys at the stand said they wouldn’t be able to complete the most important part of the valet process, which of course is returning the vehicle when you hand over the ticket. The reason? You guessed it — they never parked his car for him.

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It appears as though some asshole/genius posed as a valet that morning, actually handing Mehta a valet ticket prior to stealing his vehicle. Unfortunately for Mehta, the valet service and the Rice Apartments brass both say it’s not their problem.

Police say they’re investigating the theft, but based on that city’s violent crime rate, our guess is finding Mehta’s Camry isn’t at the top of their to-do list. Good luck though, buddy. Here’s hoping they find your car and nobody had a soup kitchen in it.